Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor Project

In the Baltic Sea region and at EU level, it is important to cooperate with neighbouring countries to increase the security of hydrogen supply in the region and to coordinate transmission, storage, import and export activities. International cooperation and the implementation of joint projects are important to ensure the development of technologies and the introduction of best practices.

Amber Grid is participating in the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor, an international project aimed at connecting the green energy production regions in Northern Europe to the main consumption centres in Central Europe. This project is expected to be completed by 2030.

A feasibility study is planned to analyse European and regional energy policies and provide specific answers on the potential for the production and consumption of green and low-carbon hydrogen. The drafters of the study will also make recommendations on the scope of the project, the possible pipeline route, financing, timing and risk management. An analysis of a possible hydrogen storage site will also be conducted. The results of the study will be of major importance for the region as a whole, which is currently actively seeking to develop a hydrogen ecosystem from Finland through the Baltic States to central Europe.

The European gas transmission system operators involved in the project are Gasgrid Finland (Finland), Elering (Estonia), Conexus Baltic Grid (Latvia), Amber Grid (Lithuania), GAZ-SYSTEM (Poland) and ONTRAS (Germany).

Hydrogen is expected to become one of the main forms of energy in Europe as the EU Member States undergo dynamic changes linked to energy transformation and economic decarbonisation. It will strengthen the EU's energy security, reduce dependence on imported fossil energy and play an important role in reducing the dependence of energy-intensive European industries on imported fossil fuels. In addition, the project will make a significant contribution to the EU's greenhouse gas emission reduction target by helping to replace the use of fossil fuels in the industrial, transport and energy sectors with renewable and low-carbon fuels, i.e. hydrogen produced from electricity.


Pre-Feasibility Study for the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor has been launched | Amber Grid