Amber Grid Strategy 2030 - Green Start

In our new strategy for 2030, we have set a key goal: to contribute to the transformation of Lithuania’s energy towards a climate-neutral economy. Gas transport is an integral part of Lithuania’s energy system and has an important role to play in creating a cleaner and safer future.  

We are ready to transform the natural gas system to transport renewable energy sources, such as biomethane-hydrogen mixtures and pure green hydrogen, safely. We aim to integrate into the single European market by creating a unified system that will help the country to follow the European Green Deal confidently, and consumers to benefit from clean energy at the best price.

 Green Start Plan:

  • We will ensure the technological adaptation of the system to hydrogen.
  • We will organise the market.
  • We will ensure the origin of green energy is identified.
  • We will safely and reliably transmit large amounts of energy in Lithuania and beyond.

The new strategy is all about stakeholder-oriented value. We are committed to creating it for consumers, producers and suppliers, the founder, society, and employees. 

Climate Change Mitigation Plan:

  • We will only use electricity generated from renewable energy sources.
  • We will upgrade our transport fleet and replace it with clean vehicles.
  • We will carry out more green procurement.
  • We will reduce the environmental impact of our operations by 60%.





More information on Amber Grid Strategy 2030 is available here