Who we are

We are the operator of the Lithuanian natural gas transmission system, responsible for the transmission of natural gas to consumers and the operation, maintenance, and development of infrastructure.

The goal of Amber Grid is to transform the natural gas system by 2030, adapting it to transport renewable energy resources safely and creating a cleaner future for everyone. We plan to adapt the gas transmission system to new energy so that Lithuania’s pipelines carry not only natural gas but also hydrogen. 

We aim to contribute to a climate-friendly economy. By selling green energy in Lithuania and abroad, we reduce the impact on climate change by focusing on energy from renewable sources.


Our clients are large and medium-sized Lithuanian businesses and natural gas supply companies. Amber Grid employs specialists with many years of experience, management knowledge, and qualifications in gas system maintenance.


Structure of Amber Grid

We have been in business since 2013, while in 2015, we became the natural gas transmission system operator.

We are part of EPSO-G, a state-owned group of energy transmission and exchange companies. We are members of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG).

Amber Grid owns 34% of the share capital of gas exchange GET Baltic. The controlling stake owns European Energy Exchange AG (EEX). GET Baltic organises and develops natural gas exchange trading in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.

Our vision. An environmentally friendly, innovative green energy company in an integrated European gas network
Our mission. Developing a system that enables competition and the use of climate-friendly energy
Our values. Professionalism, cooperation, progress