Green start

Green hydrogen, biomethane, hydrogen-biomethane blends are new forms of energy that will in future flow through pipelines instead of natural gas. Within a decade, we will adapt the entire gas transmission infrastructure operated by Amber Grid to safely transport renewable energy resources to suppliers and consumers.

At the same time, we continue to expand and build a single natural gas market, integrated into the European Union, thus ensuring energy security and a competitive economic environment.

The energy transformation will not happen in a flash – natural gas will remain a critical energy resource during the transition period. That is why we are taking care of and expanding the technical and economic infrastructure we have built, while finding ways to ensure a smooth transition from old to new – from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy.

Amber Grid is also on a transformational journey in the energy system. With a renewed brand and visual identity, we are embodying the company’s new goals and objectives – transforming our managed gas infrastructure to renewable energy sources, i.e., green hydrogen and biomethane.

We have committed to reducing our environmental impact by two-thirds over the next decade. We are reviewing the carbon footprint of our gas transmission network so that we can plan for significant reductions through infrastructure transformation. We will progressively replace our machinery and transport fleet with renewable energy and environmentally friendly ones. We already generate a significant part of the electricity we need for our operations from the sun.



The role of natural gas and renewables in the economy

Green hydrogen - energy for a clean future


Amber Grid 10 year strategy

Our goal is to work together on Lithuania’s energy transformation towards a climate neutral economy. Understanding the meaning of clean energy, we are on the green start line, ready to embark on a journey towards green energy, preserving the environment and the atmosphere.