Information for investors

Amber Grid share capital – EUR 51,730,929.06. 
Par value of the share – EUR 0.29.
Type of shares - ordinary shares.
An ordinary registered share grants its holder one vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Structure of shareholders


UAB EPSO-G (Lithuania) 172,279,125 49,960,946.25 96.58
Minority shareholders 6,103,389 1,769,982.81 3.42
Total 178,382,514 51,730,929.06 100.00

The nature of business activities and key purposes of the Company: to ensure a longterm and reliable transmission of natural gas (transportation through high-pressure gas transmission pipelines) to transmission system users and other market participants, including gas transit to third countries via the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, development of the gas business, safe operation of the gas transmission system and rational use of the property and other resources of the Company, to seek profit in order to ensure property interests of the shareholders thereof.

Articles of Association of Amber Grid