What services do we provide?

We provide the following services to system users, other operators and gas market participants:

  • gas transmission in the territory of Lithuania
  • balancing gas flows in the transmission system
  • administration of the funds allocated for the Klaipėda LNG terminal, its infrastructure, installation of the interconnector, fixed operating costs and the reasonable costs of the nominated supplier's supply of the necessary volume of liquefied natural gas
  • the administration of the register of guarantees of origin for gas produced from renewable energy sources

Amber Grid provides natural gas transmission services to system users, other operators, and gas market participants in the territory of Lithuania. The company transmits gas to Lithuanian consumers and transports natural gas to Latvia and Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast. Gas is supplied via a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Klaipėda and gas entry points from Belarus and Latvia.

The GIPL project, completed in Lithuania in 2021 and implemented by Amber Grid together with the Polish gas transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., connected the Baltic and Finnish gas markets to the EU natural gas market and increased access to new sources of gas supply.

Amber Grid also manages the balancing of gas flows in the transmission system and the reimbursement of the costs of the LNG terminal, its infrastructure, the installation of the interconnection, the use of the funds, and the costs of the designated supplier. Together with its partners, Amber Grid creates the conditions for the efficient functioning of the natural gas market, enhances the competitiveness and liquidity of the gas market, and ensures attractive conditions for its customers to operate in the natural gas market.

The company also manages the national register of origin guarantees for gas produced from renewable energy sources. It provides the functions of issuing, transferring and cancelling origin guarantees, supervising and controlling the use of origin guarantees and recognising origin guarantees issued in other countries in Lithuania. Green gas is produced from biomass and other renewable energy sources (RES). The origin guarantee is granted for one unit of energy, i.e. one megawatt-hour (MWh) delivered to the gas transmission and distribution network. The system of origin guarantees allows the origin of the biogas produced to be identified, recorded and monitored, and consumers of this fuel may be assured that the gas has been produced using renewable energy sources.